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8 tips for a Healthy and Happy Parrot

8 tips for a Healthy and Happy Parrot

Parrots can be complex individuals. But if you familiarize yourself with your particular species of parrot, it is not too difficult to keep your feathered friend happy and content. As a parrot owner, this should be your top priority. Birds who become bored can develop all sorts of emotional problems including feather plucking, screaming, self-mutilation and depression.

To avoid this scenario, here are 8 simple tips to keeping your parrot perky, happy and excited about life.
  1. Buy new bird toys often Parrots love bird toys of any kind. However, purchasing a handful of bird toys and expecting those to keep your bird happy for the rest of his life, is simply not enough. To keep your bird’s mind sharp and his curiosity stimulated, buy new bird toys frequently. If you are on a tight budget and cannot afford too many toys—create your own. Something as simple as a few balls of paper will keep your parrot happy as he shreds his new toys into millions of pieces.

  2. Rotate toys weekly. If your parrot has a bin full of bird toys, don’t give them to him/her all at once. After a week or so, remove these toys from his cage and provide him with a new set of play items.

  3. Select bird-friendly toys. Birds love toys that are brightly colored or have unique textures.

  4. Purchase a variety of toys. Don’t buy 10 of the same type of bird toy. Mix it up. Select shreddable bird toys, foraging bird toys and educational bird toys.

  5. Plan activities. To keep your parrot’s day interesting, plan various activities for your bird. You can find books or websites that provide fun, simple games for you and your parrot to do together.

  6. Set aside training time. Parrots require mental stimulation to stay young and healthy. Their minds are sharp and need to be used. You don’t have to be a master bird trainer to teach your parrot a few basic commands. Keep your training sessions short and fun. Always reward your bird for his efforts.

  7. Keep your parrot’s cage clean. A dirty cage will breed sickness and disease. Plus most birds prefer to keep their living quarters neat and tidy. Clean your parrot’s cage daily to keep it smelling fresh.

  8. Let your bird out of his cage often. Parrots do not like to be confined for long periods of time. Try to let your parrot out of his cage for at least 2 hours a day on a parrot play stand.

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