Archie – Parakeet

We are sad to say our beloved and wonderful Archie passed away on September 1st 2022. He fought a long hard three month battle with Kidney disease. Through it all he never gave up and fought every day.

We miss him so much!!!!

Archie has become the life of the bird room. He is already talking up a storm….His favorite phrases are “Hey Archie”, Kisses (and proceeds to make kiss sounds), “Hey Kiwi” (our DYH Amazon), “Hey Jerry” (our African Grey) and “Hey Spark” (My Mom’s Cockatiel who has come to live with us).

Archie hops across the cage every morning for me to scratch the side of his face. He loves his morning and evening pets. Archie is also a great eater…He loves all his veggies and eats all his pellets.