Kiwi – Double Yellow Headed Amazon

This is our Double Yellow Headed Amazon Kiwi. He is 24 years old. He is enjoying his head scratches from his Mom. He has a real love of life, nothing gets him down. He spends hours playing and amusing himself. He is a real momma’s boy, he just loves to please his mommy.

Last year our vet told us that Kiwi is a little over weight. Amazons tend to put on weight since they just love to eat everything in site. Since Kiwi is slightly handicapped and cannot flap one of his wings he is not able to get the exercise he needs by flapping. What I have done is develop an exercise program for him where he walks our steps (13 of them) 4 times each night, 6 times a week.

This is a great workout for me as well. Some nights Kiwi needs a better workout coach then me so we have our African Grey Jerry coach him. Jerry will walk half way up the steps and turn to Kiwi who is still at the bottom of the steps and he will say “Come on, Come on”. He will actually wait till Kiwi is next to him at the platform before proceeding up the next set of stairs. How cute is that?

I am happy to report that our vet recently said Kiwi has lost weight and is doing great. His workout is really helping him stay lean and trim!

Kiwi was also featured on Animal Planet’s “Your Pet Wants This, Too” on November 27th, 2010. He demonstrated the art of Skateboarding with the wind in his wings as well as strutting his stuff on roller skates.

Kiwi is also known to shoot some hoops!!

Scroll down a little to see the Animal Planet video as well as all the videos of Kiwi in action.

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