Marshmellow – Umbrella Cockatoo

This is our Umbrella Cockatoo Marshmellow. She is 32 years old. She loves to be a “Big Ham” for the camera. She’s a typical beauty queen who loves to get her nails and wings done.

Marshmellow just loves to sing with me when I put her to bed at night. We sing together “You are my Sunshine” She has the cutest voice.

Marshmellow is the “Momma bird” to our whole flock. She is so gently even with her brother Charlie (our Parakeet). Charlie thinks Marshmellow is so beautiful.

Marshmellow also loves to take a foot bath every day. She sits in our bathtub and gets her feet wet and splashes around. I guess having your nails, wings and feet done on a daily basis goes with being a “beauty queen”.

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