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Birdie Bagelette for Birds 1.75" (6 Pack)

Birdie Bagelette for Birds 1.75
Birdie Bagelette for Birds 1.75Birdie Bagelette for Birds 1.75
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"New York Style" Bagels for Birds
Give your bird a taste of "New York" with these wonderful cardboard Birdie Bagelettes.

Birds love to chew and tear apart these great non-toxic birdie bagelettes which are made extra thick for the real industrious chewer.

You can use these really cute birdie bagels as a foot toy or add them to your birds favorite bird toys.

Birdie Bagelette is 1.75" in diameter with a 1" center hole and .5" thick.

Set of 6 Birdie Bagelettes

Ideal for Cockatiel sized birds all the way up to Cockatoos and Macaws.

Product Review

You’re Wonderful, Amazing & Stupendous! The order came yesterday and as usual was everything and more. Jasper sends you lots of kisses.

Sharon M.- Florida

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