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Buster – (Yellow Nape Amazon) – Washington


Thanks everyone at Funtime Birdy, Buster is having a blast on his new turf.. yeah, his turf.

Thank you Ann Zych for the foot toys, he stands on one of the perch’s and holds his purple dinosaur at the same time. He just loves his playgym and so do I. The assembly went great, not a problem there at all. I sat the gym on my bed and now Buster can be with me happily while we watch tv together…lol. Instead of just poopin at will (and it’s not usually on the towel I layed down), now he just sits on his new digs and rules the bed now.

Here is a pic of my Buster boy, he is just havin such a blast.

Thank you very much,

Cheryl and Buster (Yellow Nape Amazon) – Washington