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Cheeky (African Grey) – Michigan

Hi Ann and Mark,

Thanks so much for the additional information and making such wonderful products! The love and care you put in to each and every piece clearly shows. I was pleasantly surprised with everything from the personal touches to the detailed and beautifully illustrated instructions. I am rarely impressed with much these days. Happily, you managed to exceed all my expectations!

Cheeky also wanted to thank you for sending along the additional toys!!

As I mentioned, she’s visually impaired and very tentative with her footing and getting around; but obviously tough and resilient. She’s a special and loving little girl that’s managed to overcome a terrible situation. I’d like to think she’s now reached paradise. I have a feeling with endless love, care and patience, we’ll see her flourish!

I also attached a picture of her on her new Buddy perch.

Thank you again. Looking forward to staying in touch!

Best regards,

Rene and Cheeky (African Grey) – Michigan