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Elvis (Cinnamon White-Faced Cockatiel) – Ontario Canada

Hi Ann,

Thanks for checking up, I really appreciate it.

I filled the playgym dishes with his new food (pellets which I’ve been trying to get him to eat for a long time), and the water dish I added the vitamins to. I then placed a mirror behind the playgym. He got curious, and absolutely adores his reflection, so he doesn’t even look at his cage now unless he’s tired.

Which is exactly what I wanted, so thank you for that.

I think it’s a great product, and I’ve recommended you to a friend for his African Grey.

I’ve attached several pictures of Elvis on the playgym, some are out of focus, feel free to use whichever you would like, if any at all.

Thanks again,

Wajiha and Elvis (Cinnamon White-Faced Cockatiel)- Ontario Canada