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Frankie (Parakeet) – California

Hi Ann,

Well, I started to write a review for the Sunset Beach Parakeet/Budgie swing, but Frankie flew over to the computer and took over. He says since he’s the one using it he should tell everyone about it.

“Hi there. I’m a baby budgie named Frankie. My new mom brought me home to a cage filled with lots of great toys for me to play with.

One of my favorite toys is my beautiful swing. It has lots of pretty colors, and neat things I can exercise my beak on. All budgies should have this great swing.”

I’ve attached a picture of him playing on his swing. He’s really enjoying it.

I’m so happy I got this for him.

Thanks again

Diana and Frankie (Parakeet/Budgie) – California


Hi Ann it’s Frankie the Parakeet,

Mom said that when she ordered my playgym and swing, you added some presents for me. I am really starting to enjoy playing with things a lot, and she and I play together when she gets home from work.

Tonight we made up a really fun game…I wrestle with the lobster and then drop it into my cage (I have a rooftop playground) and then mom picks up the lobster, tickles me with it and then I drop it again. We did this many times.

Thank you for my lobster present. Mom says there are more, but she’s not putting them all out at once…something about overloading my little birdie circuits. Dad says I’m getting spoiled, but c’mon…how can you help it? Thank you!

Mom sent a picture of me with my lobster foot toy Frankie(:>)


Hi Ann,

I have been having so much fun with my new toys! I especially love the Dream Catcher with all those pretty shiny bells on it. The strings make it really easy to give all those bells a good shake…perfect for getting everyone’s attention when it’s playtime!!!

I loved the Little Spider so much I couldn’t even wait for mom to hang it…I jumped on it and played right away. Thank you for sending more Hopping Frogs!

Thank you for making the best birdy toys ever, and tell Snowy ‘chirp’ for me.

Mom attached some pictures of me with my Dream Catcher and Little Spider bird toys Frankie