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Ginky and Jewel (Cockatiel and Green Cheeked Conure) – Oregon

Hi Ann,

My birds love the gym! I sent a picture for you. Ginky, our Conure spends most of her time eating and Jewel plays and will try to climb up onto the little chain. He is very playful and has more energy than Ginky. I have to rotate their toys often and they especially love the popsicle stick toy.

We will be ordering more toys and are very happy with the playgym.

Thanks again for providing such a nice line of products for our birds and for being so professional and friendly.

Oh, almost forgot, I found you through a Google search for bird toys. I was lucky to find you!

Happy holidays and best wishes for the new year!

Kristin, Ginky and Jewel (Cockatiel and Green Checked Conure) – Oregon


Hi Ann,

Happy New Year!Happy New Year!

Ginky and Jewel love their new toys. Ginky goes nonstop on the popsicle sticks and spins the plastic spinners on his new Mini Spin Me Round toy while Jewel eats the plastic frogs and string.

They are both busybodies! We will be looking forward to more new toys. They sure make for happy, well-adjusted birds.

Thanks again for the great toys and customer service!

Best wishes,

Kristin, Ginky and Jewel (Cockatiel and Green Checked Conure) – Oregon