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Nikki and Sunny (Quaker and Sun Conure) – New York

Hi Ann!

I just got the play gym today and I am so excited. I just assembled it an hour ago and it was very easy to put together. The birds were watching me and at one point they were both on top of me while I was putting the stand together LOL

They are pretty excited. Sunny, my sun, jumped onto the play gym before i had it fully assembled. I think they are really going to enjoy themselves. What a great birthday gift for their 2nd birthday.

The only gym they have is the one that is on top of the cage (doesn’t come off and it is just a perch). I like that this one is on wheels and I can wheel it all around.

Jennifer Nikki and Sunny(Quaker and Sun Conure) – New York


Hello Ann,

This is the best play gym ever. I have never seen my birds so happy.

They keep me so entertained, it is so hard not to watch them playing on it. They were having fun for hours!

Here are some pictures of Nikki and Sunny. I think it is easy to figure out whose who LOL. I hope that you can find a few that will be good for your happy customer video.

Have a good weekend!

Jennifer Nikki and Sunny(Quaker and Sun Conure) – New York