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Rudi, Nellie and Perry (Parrotlets and Canary) – New York

I purchased the gym for our parrotlets, Rudi and Nellie. Rudi is 14 months old and Nellie is 6 months old. Perry, our canary, is about 2 years old.

They have been enjoying it, along with Perry, our canary. The “fids” (feathered kids) like chewing and climbing on the toys.

I like that they all immediately liked the gym and jumped on it. Also, I can switch out the toys to keep them interested, the bottom portion cleans easily, and it has a nice weight to it but it’s not too heavy. As you can see, I keep this in my living room.

I have attached some pictures because I just happened to have taken some the day before because it was cute that Perry decided to join in on the fun!

Thanks for the neat product!

Deborah, Rudi, Nellie (Parrotlets) and Perry (Canary) – New York