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Teal (Eclectus) – Georgia

Hi Ann,

Here are a few pictures of Teal with his new play gym. He has really enjoyed it. It took him about 4 days of walking “around” it and peeking at it etc…but once he got on and began playing he has enjoyed every minute.

I did put one of his Christmas Candy canes on it ( in a couple of the pictures) for him to have it decorated for the holidays.


Monya and Teal(Eclectus) – Georgia


Teal is really enjoying the playgym even more now that he has become more familiar with it. He gets on it each morning and every night during dinner and playtime. He loves chewing on toys and this has enabled him to have more playtime away from the cage and he has a lot of toy options with the playgym.

I have also found that the playgym is easily moved from room to room when I want to take him with me to other areas of the house and still have things to occupy his time. Thanks again for everything.

Monya and Teal(Eclectus) – Georgia