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FeatherBrite 20w Full Spectrum Light Bulb

FeatherBrite 20w Full Spectrum Light Bulb
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Future Looks Bright
FeatherBrite 20w full spectrum compact spiral fluorescent bulb, 5500k, 91cri, UVA 4%, UVB .05%.

This bulb is recommended for swag lights and larger cages.

Can be used in any standard socket.

This bulb is not recommended for use in ceiling fixtures. The bulb provides full spectrum benefits up to 36" distance. Do not use this bulb in any type of dimmer switch. It is not dimmable.

For best full spectrum lighting results change bulb annually.

Bulb is drop shipped from Featherbrite.

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Product Review

Product Reviews for FeatherBrite 20w Full Spectrum Light Bulb

FeatherBrite 20w Full Spectrum Light Bulb5MaryDecember 9, 2017I love this full spectrum bulb and so does my Amazon. The light is wonderful. FunTime Birdy's communications, service and shipping time were all wonderful as well. Thank you very much.
FeatherBrite 20w Full Spectrum Light Bulb5EH SeatonSeptember 5, 2017I've used these for 10 years and would not dare to leave my birds unprotected without the natural daylight this bulb provides.
FeatherBrite 20w Full Spectrum Light Bulb5CarolFebruary 16, 2017Great way to get the necessary full spectrum light for your birds! Brings out all the colors (subtle and no so subtle) on my conures!
FeatherBrite 20w Full Spectrum Light Bulb5CarolFebruary 17, 2016I use the FeatherBrite Full Spectrum lights for my sun and crimson-bellied conures. They each have their own cage and light and when it was time to replace the bulbs these new bulbs did the trick! Really brings out the color in their feathers! I also sprout for my birds so put the sprouts in the "bird room" when germinating for quicker growth!
FeatherBrite 20w Full Spectrum Light Bulb5HelaineJuly 24, 2011An easy and effective way to provide sunshine for my bird. It is too hot outside for her; so this is a perfect alternative. Fits in a regular light fixture. Note: Not compatible with dimmer switch.
FeatherBrite 20w Full Spectrum Light Bulb5e seatonMarch 23, 2011This is merely a replacement for the bulb that i bought sometime last year when I bought the whole kit. My birds go nutz when the light comes on. (For budgies: only 1-2 hrs daily during the part of the day when the sunlight would be the brightest in their native lands........Australia. This allows them to have the ascending morning light and descending evening light to let their internal body clock work correctly for mood and such. The Thalmus? All day light would cause a continuous molt. Parrots need longer light. There is an article online somewhere that speaks to the amount of light each bird needs.) They chirp, yell, and chitter, and after it goes off they nap. They are more settled and less excitable than before they had this light. I had to remove them for a few months to another room. Now that they are back under it, the difference is remarkable.
You’re Wonderful, Amazing & Stupendous! The order came yesterday and as usual was everything and more. Jasper sends you lots of kisses.

Sharon M.- Florida

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