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Lifespan of Parrots

Parrots on average live longer than any other pet. Their lifespan depends on many factors that as a bird owner you can help with such as a proper diet.....Read more

Grocery Shopping for your Bird

Feeding a parrot is not as easy as filling a dish with bird seed.....Parrots need nutrition such as fruits and vegetables to stay healthy and happy. There are some fruits and vegetables that while healthy to eat for humans can be dangerous to our Feathered Friends......Read more

Common Questions about Parrots

Parrots are fascinating creatures……and parrot ownership is one of the greatest adventures you’ll ever have in a lifetime. It can be a truly rewarding experience, provided you are up to the challenge. Here are a few common questions about parrots......Read more

Why Does my Bird Need a Parrot Playgym?

Imagine staying in the same room every day, all day, never having the chance to leave. Your food and water is brought to you daily but you can never leave....Read more

How Many Toys Should my Parrot Have in his Bird Cage?

There are many different opinions about this subject. A lot of bird owners will say.....Read more

The 4 Types of Bird Toys your Parrot Must Have

There are 4 types of bird toys your parrot must have in their bird cage. These types of toys will....Read more

Why is my Bird Afraid of his Bird Toys?

Every parrot is different in personality and parrots like humans are very perceptive with anything new being introduced in their environment. Imagine if you had delivered to your doorstep an odd shaped.....Read more

The 3 Steps to Teaching your Bird to Play with Bird Toys

Sharing my life with birds for over 20 years, I have found that when I have maintained these three steps I have been able to turn the most finicky of my birds into to bird toy players....Read more

Parrot Intelligence and Foot Preference

Did you ever wonder why your Parrot uses one foot over another? Did you know by Parrots using different feet for different tasks shows how.....Read more

Safe Parrot Toy Material for your Bird

Whether you are new bird owner or an experienced bird owner, it is extremely important to buy parrot toys that are safe for your feathered friend. Many bird toys and bird toy parts can be very dangerous to your bird without you even knowing it....Read more

8 tips for a Healthy and Happy Parrot

Parrots can be complex individuals. But if you familiarize yourself with your particular species of parrot, it is not too difficult to keep your feathered friend happy and content. Birds who become bored can develop all sorts of emotional problems including feather plucking, screaming, self-mutilation and depression. To avoid this scenario.....Read more

What to Look For when Purchasing a Bird Cage for your Parrot

Purchasing a bird cage for your feathered friend can be a daunting task.....follow these helpful hints.....Read more

Types of Bird Perches you Should have in your Birds Cage

Providing different types, textures and diameters in perches is extremely important to your feather friend's health and well being. In the wild, birds will perch on many different types of tree branches which helps them strengthen their feet and leg muscles........Read more

Spring Cleaning your Bird Cage

Spring is the time to clean and freshen up your feathered friends home. I like to take all my bird cages....Read more

Parrot Health

When your Parrot Molts

Does your parrot Molt? Did you ever wonder why there are more feathers scattered around his cage and your room certain times during the year?.......Read more

What Foods Should my Parrot Eat to Stay Healthy

Ever wonder what Vegetables and Fruits are safe for your parrot?...Check out these amazing healthy choices for your feathered friend to enjoy......Read more

Preventing Obesity in Parrots

Have you been told your parrot is a little too heavy...Tips and Ideas that can help Prevent Obesity in Parrots and keep your Feathered Friend healthy....... Read more

The 4 Holiday Bird Safety Tips every Parrot Owner Should Know

Keeping your bird safe is important at anytime but during holidays it is especially important to be more vigilant with your birds safety. Here are 4 bird holiday safety tips that every parrot owner should know.....Read more

Molting 101 by Susan Clubb from Pet Age Magazine May 2009

All birds molt. It is through this essential process that they replace worn, broken or damaged feathers. Molts usually occur....Read more

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