How to Encourage your Parrot to Explore Bird Toys and Play

Bird Toys at FunTime BirdyIt is such a wonderful feeling to see your feathered companion play. A bird playing is a happy and healthy bird.  Apart from health issues, training your bird to play and enjoy themselves avoids dependency troubles in the future.

As a bird owner, you should encourage  your feathered friend to play with bird toys. There are 4 types of bird toys a bird will love……Chewable bird toys, foraging bird toys, last forever toys and physical activity bird toys.

Often bird owners complain that their bird does not play with the bird toys they have bought. Sometimes owners also get frustrated and annoyed when they see their feathered friend screaming, biting, and feather plucking or showing some other negative behavioral signs.  Thus, in order to avoid the issue of negative behaviors and to make your feathered friend playful, confident and healthy, you should give him/her some training on how to play with their bird toys.

Before we go to the training part, let us see some of the benefits of training your bird to play with bird toys:
•    Playing fosters physical health as it involves increased exercise.
•    Mental health is improved with activities which involve mental stimulation.
•    Bird toys encourage the natural instinctual requirements like chewing or nibbling.

With all these benefits, playing becomes an essential part in your bird’s life. If you have never taught your feathered friend to play with their bird toys or if you have tried earlier but did not succeed in making him/her play with them, don’t lose hope. It is never too late. It is possible to help your bird learn to play with their toys in their older stages as well. The most important thing to remember is – never give up. If you think your bird doesn’t play with the toys you bought, bring some new ones with different shapes, colors and styles. Just like us, our feathered companions also have different interests and playing preferences due to their different personalities. So add some more bird toys till he/she finds them attractive enough to be explored.

Below are some ways which can help you to encourage your feathered friend to explore their bird toys:

•    During the initial part of the training, buy bird toys which can be easily destroyed such as those made with paper or vine balls or vine wreaths.  Easily destructible toys will encourage your bird to explore them more easily. So you must always start with the destructible types of toys.
•    You can weave some shredders and hang them through the bars on top of your bird’s cage.  Gradually you can start introducing toys which are made of slightly sturdier materials such as wood and plastics.Shredders a
•    One of the most common techniques is to place your bird’s favorite treats in their bird toys or foraging bird toys.  This technique will encourage him/her to explore their bird toys.
•    You can also use the stimulation technique by model playing. It is a technique in which you play with the bird-toys in front of your bird. This technique can stimulate interest in them.

The bottom line is -be playful with your bird. Give him/her opportunities to explore a wide-variety of bird toys periodically. Add new toys for your feathery friend…. many times, they get bored with the same old toys. Thus, replace old toys with new ones. Playing encourages happier bonding with your feathered friend. 

Ann Zych – FunTime Birdy

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