How to Get Your Bird to Eat Vegetables Part 2

Turkey Veggie Meatballs

Turkey Veggie Meatballs

This is the second part in my series of how to get your birds to eat their vegetables.  Birds are a lot like children, most of them do not like to eat vegetables unless persuaded.  My Double Yellow Headed Amazon Kiwi never has to be persuaded, he just loves his veggies.  He is such a Momma’s Boy!  (LOL)

My second idea  is to mix the veggies in a turkey meatball.  We make turkey meatballs (ground turkey instead of ground beef) for ourselves so we started giving them to our birds.   Our birds just love turkey meatballs.

Again, we started with plain turkey meatballs to make sure they liked them.  Then we started adding the vegetables.  You can use fresh vegetables or  you can use frozen mixed vegetables, which ever is easiest for you.  Cook the frozen mixed vegetables (if using fresh veggies there is no need to cook them) and then place the cooked or fresh vegetables into a blender.  Blend the veggies.  We try to grind the veggies up though not as much as with the eggs.(See Part 1 of How to Get My Bird to Eat Vegetables)   Just enough so that your bird can’t easily eat around the veggies.  Birds are so smart they can easily tell when something looks like a veggie.(LOL)  Cook in pan or in oven until fully cooked, well done.  We like to cook ours in the oven since we can avoid using cooking oils.   All off my birds love the Veggie Turkey Meatballs.  (Please note this technique is meant to be used for a short time period……Just to help your bird get used to the taste of the vegetables.  As your bird becomes accustomed to the vegetables discontinue the use of the Turkey meat in his or her diet.)

So the next time you make ground turkey for your family put aside some meat for your feathered friends.  Mix in some veggies, cook and watch them go to town.

Add some Lafeber “Avi Cakes” to top it off.  Has anyone ever made a veggie turkey ball for their birds?  I would love to hear your comments.

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