Monkey Business Bird Toy

Monkey Business Bird Toy
Monkey Business Bird ToyMonkey Business Bird ToyMonkey Business Bird ToyMonkey Business Bird ToyMonkey Business Bird ToyMonkey Business Bird Toy
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Look Mom No Hands Bird Toy
No hands needed to hang from this toy....just a beak and some bird feet.(LOL)

The perfect bird toy to chew, climb, hang and perform acrobatics on. Watch as your Feathered Friend brings out their "wild" side or in this case their "jungle" side.

Bird toy measures 17" long and 3" wide.

Bird toy contains Tropical Tubes, Safari Animals, Wood Blocks, 3/4" Colorful Plastic Chains all strung on bird safe nickel plated chain.

Ideal bird toy for Cockatiels, Conures, Quakers, Senegals, Caiques, Meyers Parrots and...all similar sized birds.

Also, this is the ideal bird toy for the "Dainty" African Grey, Amazon, Eclectus and all similar size "Dainty" players.

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Product Review

Product Reviews for Monkey Business Bird Toy

Monkey Business Bird Toy5Mary KobistekJanuary 4, 2019My Senegal Zeus loved this toy. He chewed up all the wood pieces in a couple of hours because he has a busy beak! LOL!
Monkey Business Bird Toy5Gary BarnesOctober 6, 2016Sugar my Goffin Cockatoo really likes this toy. She has done a lot of chewing on the blocks.
Monkey Business Bird Toy5Carol and AnabelleNovember 5, 2014My young crimson bellied conure loves this new toy! She enjoys chewing on the wood blocks, the plastic safari animals, and plastic chains. It's holding up well and giving her hours of playtime!
Monkey Business Bird Toy5Frankie & NutmegDecember 31, 2013We know it was made for larger birds, but us budgies are having a great time with this toy!! We climb the chains, chew the wood, perch on it, dangle from it...you name it!!
Monkey Business Bird Toy5Mistie LJanuary 15, 2012My little Goffin's just loved this toy and had it in pieces with-in a week. He was not scared of it either. Great toy...wish it had lasted longer but thats birds for you
Monkey Business Bird Toy5Peggy KaplanNovember 23, 2011I will be ordering another one. She ate it already... I guess that means she likes it. It kept her very busy and quiet.
You’re Wonderful, Amazing & Stupendous! The order came yesterday and as usual was everything and more. Jasper sends you lots of kisses.

Sharon M.- Florida

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