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FunTime Birdy Happy Customer Photo Gallery

Welcome to Our Happy Customer Photo Gallery

Below is a showcase of pictures of all our Happy Bird Customers on their favorite FunTime Birdy Playgym or playing with their favorite FunTime Birdy Toy(s). Also, checkout what their human companion(s) had to say.

Please click on the individual pictures below to see a larger picture(s) and to read the customer testimonial.

Louie (Yellow Sided Conure) - California
Cheeky (African Grey) - Michigan
Riley (Green Cheek Conure) - New Jersey
Kylo (African Grey) - Pennsylvania
Loki and Sidney (Triton Cockatoo and Greenwing Macaw) - Louisiana
Skye - (Blue Quaker Parrot) - New York
Chaucer (Blue and Gold Macaw) - New York
Jenda - (Jenday Conure) - Ohio
Buster - (Yellow Nape Amazon) - Washington
Milo (Catalina Macaw) - Pennsylvania
Guava and Kumquat (Quaker Parrots) - Illinois
Alex (Eclectus Parrot) - Virginia
Scuttlebutt (African Grey) - Texas
Opal (Quaker Parrot) - Australia
Sunny and Lola (Jenday Conures) - Utah
Levi (Parakeet) - California
Cosette (Parakeet) - California
Ripley - (Parakeet) - Maryland
Wolfie - (African Grey) -North Dakota
Bella, Baby and Sunny (Cockatiels) - North Carolina
Gemma (African Grey) - Wisconsin
Iffee (Umbrella Cockatoo) - North Carolina
Le'a (Yellow Naped Amazon) - Arizona
Lily (Green Cheek Conure) - New York
Charlie (African Grey) - Nebraska
Pollo (Peach Fronted Conure) - Georgia
The Oasis Sanctuary - Arizona
Peanut (Small Indian Ringneck) - Australia
Ruby (Eclectus) - Georgia
Buster Brown (Meyer's Parrot) - California
Cora (Palm Cockatoo) - California
Bobbie (Cockatiel) - Florida
Peppy and Ollie (Parakeets) - Pennsylvania
Nikki and Sunny (Quaker and Sun Conure) - New York
Charlie (Timneh African Grey) - Florida
Lucky (Jenday Conure) - Washington
Grayson and Lola (African Grey and Galah Cockatoo) - Ontario,Canada
Cha Cha (Green Cheek Conure) - Florida
Rocky and Hannah (Eclectus and African Grey) - Pennsylvania
Toby (Rose Breasted Cockatoo) - Ohio
Tycho (Quaker Parrot) - Illinois
Lily (Umbrella Cockatoo) - Texas
Pete (Sun Conure) - Massachusetts
Brodye (Triton Cockatoo) - Maryland
Henry (African Grey) - Texas
Baby (Sun Conure) - Texas
Ariel and Tyson (African Greys) - Illinois
Frankie (Parakeet) - California
Bella (Blue Crowned Conure) - Maryland
Nutmeg (Budgie) - California
Taz (Umbrella Cockatoo) - India
Jellybean (Sun Conure) - New York
Fred (African Grey) - California
Haley (Amazon Parrot) - Wisconsin
Molly and Tony (Cockatiels) - Canada
Larry Bird (African Grey) - Alabama
Rachel and Jack (Parakeets) - Maryland
Miss Vicki's Parrot Village
Sampson (Cockatiel) - California
JuJubee Juliet (Jenday Conure) - Colorado
Jewel (Greenwing Macaw) - Dakota
James (60 year old Double Yellow Headed Amazon) - Florida
Sadie (Sulphur Crested Cockatoo) - Hawaii
Petey and Sammy (Quakers) - Texas
Bebe (African Grey) - Florida
Rio (Pineapple Green Cheek Conure) - Texas
Ze (Cockatoo) - South Carolina
Frankie (Parakeet) - California
Arabella (Double Yellow Headed Amazon) - New Jersey
Picasso (Cockatiel) - California
Seezer (Goffin) Cockatoo - California
Mango (Sun Conure) - Puerto Rico
Arlo (Blue and Gold Macaw) - Massachussetts
Kelly (African Grey) - Indiana
Don (Cockatiel) - Illinois
Daisy (Umbrella Cockatoo) - Ontario Canada
Blue (Parakeet) - Florida (Bahamas)
Schneely (Cockatiel) - Pennsylvania
Sal (Umbrella Cockatoo) - Washington
Toby (Blue and Gold Macaw) - California
Dozer and Maya (Grey Cheek Parakeet and Parrotlet) - New Jersey
Snow White (Parakeet) - New Jersey
Rio, Rosie and Kermit (African Grey, Rose Breasted Cockatoo and Red Bellied Conure) - Georgia
Echo (Quaker Parrot) - Washington
Kermie (Yellow Naped Amazon) - Mississippi
Sweet Pea (Parrotlet) - Pennsylvania
Pumpkin (Sun Conure) - California
Kobe - (Timneh African Grey) - New York
Rocky (Cockatiel) - New Jersey
Pretty Bird (Umbrella Cockatoo) - Missouri
Beauty (Parakeet) - United Kingdom
Tweetie (Lovebird) - New Jersey
Kasey (Senegal) - New Jersey
Jesse and Fletcher (Blue Fronted Amazon and African Grey) - New York
Alfie (Cockatiel) - United Kingdom
Gucci and Bugatti (African Greys) - Maryland
Wiggles (Blue and Gold Macaw) - New York
Opey and Squiggy (Quaker and Green Cheek Conure) - Michigan
Lady (African Grey) - Wisconsin
Casey (Umbrella Cockatoo) - Georgia
Kiwi (Lineolated Parakeet) - Minnesota
Marshall (African Grey) - Texas
Gomez, Buddy, Amuk (Gold Crowned Amazon,Cockatiel, Military Macaw) - Nova Scotia Canada
Duffus and Dilbert (Sun Conures) - Florida
Teal (Eclectus) - Georgia
Prince (Cockatiel) - New Jersey
Pepe (Umbrella Cockatoo) - California
Mini (Lovebird) - Florida
Homer (Caique) - Massachussetts
Gizmo (Brown Headed Parrot) - New York
Kermie (Amazon) - Mississippi
Razzle (Lovebird) - New Hampshire
Sonny (Cockatiel) - North Carolina
Rain and Sky (Senegals) - New York
Prince (Lovebird) - Ohio
Pippen (Caique) - Georgia
Patty (African Grey) - New York
Lucky (Lutino Lovebird) - Pennsylvania
Squeaky, Mr. Feathers and Daisy (Cockatiels) - Connecticut
Sam and Alex (African Grey and Pionus Parrot) - Califronia
Hickory, Dickory and Doc (Finches) - Iowa
Peanut (Parakeet) - North Carolina
Harley (African Grey) - South Carolina
Tweety and Chirpy (Green Cheek Conures) - New Hampshire
Razz Ma Tazz (Rose Breasted Cockatoo) - Louisiana
Pepe (Umbrella Cockatoo) - California
Patrick (Cockatiel) - Florida
Twinkie, Kermit and Percy (Lineolated Parakeets) - Connecticut
Julius (Senegal Parrot) - Massachusetts
Cooper (African Grey) - Wisconsin
Schneely (Cockatiel) - Pennsylvania
Michele's Finches - Pennsylvania
Munchichi (Yellow Naped Amazon) - New Jersey
Iggy (Timneh African Grey) - Massachusetts
Zelda (African Grey) - Florida
Waffles (Cockatiel) - Texas
Beeper (LineolatedParakeet) - New Hampshire
Bayla (Macaw) - South Carolina
Cookie and Belle (Cockatiel and African Grey) - Missouri
Elvis (Cinnamon White-Faced Cockatiel) - Ontario Canada
Rain and Sky (Senegals) - New York
Hunter and Fletcher (Lovebird and Parakeet) - Indiana
Poof (Cockatiel) - Ohio
Carli (Amazon) - New York
Rudi, Nellie and Perry (Parrotlets and Canary) - New York
Cupid, Ozzy, Darwin,Petey(Cockatiel, Conure, Budgie) - New Jersey
Rachel, Gianni and Izzy (Solomon Island Eclectus' and Dusky Conure) - Pennsylvania
Cherrio (Lovebird) - Pennsylvania
Sydney (Cockatiel) - Colorado
Cookie and Tiki (African Grey and Eclectus) - Illinois
Max and Belle (Cockatiels) - New Jersey
Peach (Lineolated Parakeet) - Texas
Dusty, Max and Skyler (Cockatiels, Parakeet) - Illinois
Makana (Cockatiel) - California
Ozzie (Umbrella Cockatoo) - The Oasis Sanctuary - Arizona
Perry Winkle (Parakeet) - California
Lucky (Cockatiel) - Wisconsin
Carlos, Tequila, and Mango (African Grey,Quaker,Sun Conure) - New York
Skittlez (Sun Conure) - Michigan
Itzy (African Grey) - Alabama
Peppy (Parakeet) - Pennsylvania
Ginky and Jewel (Cockatiel and Green Cheeked Conure) - Oregon
Mango (Cockatiel) - Maryland
Flock at Feathered Friends Adoption Service - New York
Kyle (Sulfer Crested Cockatoo) - Florida
Sparky (Cockatiel) - Arizona
Paprika (Sun Conure) - Illinois
Alex (Alexandrian Parakeet) - Pennsylvania
Rudy, Opey and Pepper (African Grey, Quaker and Senegal) - Michigan
Chica (Sun Conure) - Ontario, Canada
Mia (Goffin/Citron Cookatoo) - Florida
Sophie (Sun Conure) - Montana
Beau (Cockatiel) - Montana
Rose (Parrotlet) - Alabama
Kito and Clancy (African Greys) - Maryland
Luna (African Grey) - Wyoming
You’re Wonderful, Amazing & Stupendous! The order came yesterday and as usual was everything and more. Jasper sends you lots of kisses.

Sharon M.- Florida

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