Bird Toys

Bird Toys

Bird Toys from Parakeet to Macaws

Welcome to FunTime Birdy’s Bird Toy Selection Page.

In our experience for over 25 years with parrots….we have noticed all parrots play with bird toys at different levels of play. Some parrots love to play with bird toys at an early age like our Double Yellow Headed Amazon Kiwi and some birds tend to be shy around their bird toys like our African Grey parrot Jerry and therefore take some time to learn the enjoyment of playing with bird toys.

FunTime Birdy bird toys are designed to create a unique experience and play time for your parrot. As you may know parrots are intelligent and playful pets and need to be active with toys in order not to create bad behaviors like plucking and screaming. You may ask…..How many bird toys should my parrot Have in his bird cage? (Click link to read article) The more bird toys you have in their cage the better. Parrots are like children thus their attention span is quite short.

We care about your birds as much as our own birds and that is why all our Bird Toys are bird tested and bird approved by our birds

Don’t let your Bird be a Perch Potato!®