Creative Foraging Kit Refill – (Small) Cockatiel to African Grey Size

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Keep Refilling the Fun!!!!!!

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Don’t let the fun stop when your bird has finished his original Creative Foraging System.

These foraging replacement boxes will let your feathered friend continue on his foraging journey.

15 Refill boxes are designed to fit into the Small Creative Foraging System

2 reviews for Creative Foraging Kit Refill – (Small) Cockatiel to African Grey Size

  1. Gail P. (verified owner)

    The Foraging System is perfect for when I am going to be away for most of the day. I put a few treats inside and it takes some time for my DYH Amazon, Haley, to dig through it and find everything. These refills are what you need to keep that fun going. Birds don’t know the meaning of “save it for later” — so this makes it happen! I always punch out the little hole to get it started for her and when I get home at days end she has cleaned it out.

  2. Gail P. (verified owner)

    I’m so glad I can get these refills from FunTime Birdy! My Haley (DYH Amazon) loves digging in there and looking for her treats. It’s good tool for when I’m away most of the day — I set it up when she is not watching then she discovers it while I’m gone later that day. Since it’s a part of her cage (attached to the bars) she doesn’t notice right away that it’s been refreshed with new fun things.

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