Junior Willow Tree Parrot Playgym

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Don’t let your Bird be a Perch Potato!®

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The Junior Willow Tree Parrot Playgym is ideal for the following birds:

  • Amazon Parrots
  • African Greys
  • Eclectus Parrots
  • Goffin Cockatoos
  • Pionus Parrots
  • Rose Breasted Cockatoos
  • All similar size birds

Our Toy Bar and Toy Bar Stand are specifically designed to allow birds to have toys at eye level.


  • Playgym Dimensions 25″ (L) x 17″ (W) x 20 1/4″ (H)
  • Includes 3 handcrafted bird toys, the Junior Block & Roll, the Junior Key and the Junior Willow Tree
  • Playgym includes 3 hardwood perch stands, acrylic Toy Bar and 2 food/water dishes (Stainless Steel hardware to prevent rusting)
  • Easy to clean base surface
  • All dyed wood is dyed with non-toxic water-soluble food coloring
  • Playgym is bird tested and bird approved
  • Minor assembly required

12 reviews for Junior Willow Tree Parrot Playgym

  1. Pat G. (verified owner)

    My African Gray, Buzz, is very cautious of anything new.
    It took him a couple of days to approach it but slowly he discovered all the new gadgets.
    He loves the new play gym, especially the Willow Tree.
    He has tried to bite everything on it which is his way of giving a seal of approval.
    It was super simple to put together and is very strong.

  2. Cynthia (verified owner)

    Really well made and well thought out!

  3. Andrea (verified owner)

    love this playgym! It came very well packaged and easy to assemble. My Grey Wolfie even tried to help me put it together. Love the quality of this playground. Wolfie loves it too! Lots for him to play and destroy, and I can pick it up and put it wherever we are so he can be with the family. I am a new customer to FunTime Birdy and I am forever hooked. Thanks Ann!!

  4. Kristen K. (verified owner)

    My African Grey, Casanova Valentino, made a very good choice when he chose this playgym. He has had it for over a year now. I am really impressed with the quality as well as the aesthetics of the playgym. Not only is it well made and durable, but it is cheery and bright with a nice blend of colors. The tray is really easy to wipe and keep clean. The playgym was really easy to assemble with the included instructions. It would be just as easy to disassemble and pack carefully if needed to for a move. Nova is not a heavy chewer, so the included toys will definitely last him quite a while. The thing that I really like is that the toys are completely replaceable should Nova suddenly go on a toy destroying spree. His absolute favorite thing right now is tearing the paper roll to shreds. This has kept him busy for hour after hour. I am really pleased with this playgym. It has held up well, still looks nearly new, and I am sure will continue to please Nova for many, many years to come.

  5. Amy S. (verified owner)

    Hi Ann……Thank you for specially modifying your Junior Willow Tree playgym to accommodate my blue crown conure named Bella. Bella loves her play gym. It came with 3 hanging toys on the large center post and additional rings and clips to add more toys for variety. I use one of the food bowls for storing foot toys and the other for treats! The size is perfect and easy to wipe up the occasional droppings. Bella spends a lot of time on her play gym which allows me to have her out of the cage more! Thanks for making such a well thought out activity center!

  6. Peggy K. (verified owner)

    Patti loves her Junior Willow tree play Gym. She sits on top of the blocks and chews the paper from the roll. This is one of the best play Gyms I have ever seen and I love it too because Patti is happy and quiet on it.

  7. Wanda M. (verified owner)

    Boomer (my Galah) loves it, he has not gotten the full concept of ALL the toys but what he has ventured onto he is having a blast trying to destroy. Thank you so much. I actually have it on the end of my desk so he gets to play while I work it is fabulous. And so bright and pretty. A fan for ever, Wanda McBade

  8. Louisa J. (verified owner)

    Wonderful play area. Unlike so many of these where the bird climbs to the top perch then sits there like a lump, this product offers lots of horizontal space for hiding food/foraging, perches to hop up to and off of, toys to access, food cups – my Lilac Crown Amazon loves it !!

  9. Erinn (verified owner)

    Was searching for a playgym for my African Grey and found FunTime Birdy. Product is exactly as described, very satisfied and already recommended to a friend.

  10. Odalis V. (verified owner)

    Abby is a 2 year old African grey and she has been kept caged, until we got her. Aside for toys in her cage this is her first play area. It took her a few days to trust it but once she did she was great with it, she is now playing and climbing all over the place. I think is a good size for her and I like that I can wipe the bottom.

  11. Ingrid (verified owner)

    Bebe looks for her play gym the minute she is let out of her cage. She loves it there!

    I heard about you on-line. Google I think it was. I did a search for parrot or bird gyms and your website was one of the websites that came up on my search.

    After researching yours and some of the other gyms, I decided to go with yours.

    Thank you for a wonderful product!

    Ingrid and Bebe (African Grey)

  12. Donna (verified owner)

    He LOVES his play stand. He is on it every evening while we watch TV. Thanks to Fun Time Birdy for making a great product!

    Donna and James (Over 60 year old Amazon)

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