Small Freshman Playgym with Toys

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Playtime has Begun! Small Parakeet Playgym with Bird Toys – Freshman

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Our Freshman Playgym is proudly Handmade right here in the USA

This uniquely designed playgym is ideal for the following birds:

  • Parakeets
  • Lovebirds
  • Parrotlets
  • Finches
  • Canaries
  • Cockatiels
  • Conures
  • Quakers
  • All similar sized birds

Small birds have a lot of energy and love to play. Watch your Feathered Friend(s) have hours of fun playtime on the FunTime Birdy Freshman Playgym.

Our Toy Bar and Toy Bar Stand are specifically designed to allow birds to have toys at eye level.


  • Dimensions 19″(L) x 13″(W) x 13″(H)
  • Includes 3 Handcrafted Toys (Freshman Dangler, Freshman Popsicle, Mr. Jingles)
  • Includes 2 food/water dishes (Stainless Steel hardware)
  • Easy to clean base surface
  • All dyed wood is non-toxic water-soluble food coloring
  • Playgym is bird tested and bird approved
  • Lightweight for easy maneuverability from room to room
  • Minor assembly required
  • Don’t let your Bird be a Perch Potato!®

13 reviews for Small Freshman Playgym with Toys

  1. Arlene P. (verified owner)

    My parrolett loves the play gym. As soon as I can I will send a pic of him on it. Love all your things. Still deciding on cage for my cockatoo. Not sure yet but will let you know, Ann! Thanks again! Arlene

  2. Diana S. (verified owner)

    My two budgies love this playgym. Not only does it have lots of different levels to perch on, but it has places to hang toys for them to play with. I put it up by the living room window, and it’s their favorite place to sit and watch the sparrows and finches who come to our bird feeder. It’s very sturdy and well-made.

  3. Cindy L. (verified owner)

    It’s Super !! They love it … I still have to put them on it but once they are there they love it . They love the toys . Will shop with ya’ll again … Thanks

  4. Cheryl (verified owner)

    He just loves it. I interchange the toys around and buy new ones to put on the gym to hold his interest. Put millet on the gym as you did. I am very happy with this purchase. Excellent playgym for my Cody. Thanks a million!!

  5. sham (verified owner)

    The play gym is very cute, love it. Thank you for the wonderful transaction! 🙂

  6. Amanda (verified owner)

    Frankie, our lineolated parakeet, loves spending time on her play gym.

    It arrived well packed and was easy to put together.

    It’s great to have an area for her to hang out on outside of her cage that we can easily move from room to room.

    Thanks ! you guys are the best!

  7. Jolene S. (verified owner)

    My Lineolated Parakeet, Peach, loves the gym. She actually spends quite a bit of time on it. There is enough extra room on it for me to set little cups of her fresh vegetables and fruit to enjoy.

  8. Seth S. (verified owner)

    Aqua and Henna love it. We have to make them go to bed. I will try to send a picture soon. Camera freak them out.
    Thanks for such wonderful products.

  9. Selena (verified owner)

    I just received my 2 Freshman play gyms, toys and extra goodies you sent us.

    Thank you so much!

    The toys are so cute and my budgies and lovebirds LOVE their new play gyms!

    Thank you again,

    Selena and her 2 budgies and 2 Lovebirds – Canada

  10. Sandy (verified owner)

    The Birdy Playgym arrived and I must say not only is it super easy to assemble, but it is so cute!

    I have referred the breeder of my bird and my avian vet to your site all of us agree that we have never seen bird gyms quite like yours before. Not only are they unique, come with toys, but they are quite affordable too! I of course have the Freshman Playgym and I love the fact that I will be able to take it from room to room with me or traveling if I want.

    Sandy and Levi – Parrotlet

  11. Jessica (verified owner)

    Hey Ann,

    Tweetie finally came out of the cage all on his own and played with the gym like there was no tomorrow.

    Tweetie loves those chains and was dangling all over them. I was afraid to take an action shot because knowing the scaredy cat, he would have run back to his cage. Tweetie played for a while, then took a nap, then actually came out and came to me and was walking all over me.

    A total difference in the Tweetie from a week or two ago.

    Thank you again for the amazing and unique playgym. I keep telling everybody about your store! You are so wonderful and the customer service is great!


    Jessica Tweetie (Lovebird)

  12. Kate (verified owner)

    Dear Ann,

    May I say just how impressed I am with the quality of the workmanship.

    Also I would like to thank you for his treat which he seems to like and I can hear him churping away as I’m typing this email.

    I would recommend your website to others and I am sure I won’t be able to get him off his playgym once he sees it.

    Kind regards,

    Kate and Beauty – Parakeet (United Kingdom)

  13. Lisa (verified owner)

    Hi Ann,

    Our play gym is holding up very well, I believe Peppy has had it for over a year now.

    It is still the favorite play spot in the room. Peppy however now has to share his gym with this new brother Ollie.

    Amazing that with all the toys and gyms I have sitting around the room, this is the one they both love the most. It was one of the best bird purchases I have made.

    Thanks again for a great product,

    Lisa, Peppy and Ollie

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