Sophomore Block and Roll Conure Bird Toy

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Top of the Charts Bird Toy

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This toy will be a “#1 Hit” with your birds. Your birds will say “Elvis Who”?

This mini block and Roll toy is fashioned after our popular Junior Block and Roll Toy.

Your bird will have fun beaking and tearing at the paper tape roll while he or she enjoys watching you clean up the mess.

Bird toy contains medium wooden ABC blocks, marbella beads, plastic chewy tubes, leather circles and adding machine tape.

Toy measures 9″ long and 4″ wide.

Ideal bird toy for Cockatiels, Conures, Quakers, Senegals, Caiques, Meyers Parrots and…all similar sized birds

1 review for Sophomore Block and Roll Conure Bird Toy

  1. Jennifer (verified owner)

    The girls love this and I have ordered this toy on many occasions. Nikki especially loves to weave the paper through the cage bars as to create a sort of nest or something.

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