Seven Easiest Ways to Tame your Cockatiel

Sparky101Cockatiels are adorable and clever! They are frequently chosen as pet birds due to their gifted ability to do wonderful tricks, whistle and even talk. Cockatiels enjoy plenty of social interaction and love to be with children as well as adults. These birds have a long life-span (up to 22 years) and therefore one can enjoy their company for a longer period of time. As parrots, these wonderful species enjoy all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

Having a feathery friend which talks is great fun. If you have recently brought a Cockatiel into your family, you must first understand that it is going to take lots of patience and time to train a Cockatiel. The learning process may take months and not just days. It may take weeks just to make your Cockatiel feel safe and comfortable in their new environment.  Here are some easiest ways to tame your Cockatiel:

•    Ensure that you choose a hand raised Cockatiel. The best way to select a friendly bird is to see if it perches on your finger. If he/she does, then you have selected a good bird. So, take your time and don’t fall prey to the pressure from the salesman at the pet shop. Very often pet shops try to convince customers saying that they sell only hand-raised birds, which is not always true. Take your time and check out other stores as well, before you make an informed decision. In addition to this, you must check the bird’s feather condition to ensure if it is healthy. Check to see if there is any discharge from its nostrils. Be patient; don’t make your decision in hurry.
•    The training sessions should be devoid of any interruptions. Choose a quiet place which is near to the cage so that your bird feels comfortable in its zone. The noises of  a TV, radio, washer or dryer should not be there during lessons. Close your windows so that any noise interruption can be avoided.
•    You must never force your Cockatiel to do something which it doesn’t like. Forcing can make him/her aggressive.
•    Every day a session of ten minutes is fine for training a Cockatiel.  Short durations are helpful in retaining your bird’s attention to the lessons.
•    Before beginning any training session, you must have a special treat which serves as a reward for your Cockatiel. There are plenty of treats available such as Lafeber Avi Cakes or Lafeber Nutriberries. If your bird loves praise, offer them instead of treats.
•    Remember – training takes lots of time, repetition and dedication. Get a book on training a Cockatiel. Google it and you will get abundant training manuals on how to train your Cockatiel.
•    Don’t get disheartened if your Cockatiel acts unfriendly or shows aggression. Give her/him time to cool down and then proceed with the lessons.  Simple step up and step down commands should help with any aggressive behavior.

Cockatiels as parrots have a wonderful ability to observe and talk and whistle as humans do.  Proper training methods, time and dedication can help you bring out your Cockatiel’s inherent qualities and make him/her a friend for life!

Ann Zych – FunTime Birdy

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