Shredville Bird Toy

Shredville Bird Toy
Shredville Bird ToyShredville Bird ToyShredville Bird Toy
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Shredding Bird Toy Fun
Just 20 miles outside of "ParrotTown" there is a non-stop party town called "Shredville". Where the town never sleeps and the party never ends.

Part Foraging bird toy....part Shreddable bird toy and totally refillable.

Let your Feathered Friend experience Shredville but remember "What happens in Shredville....stays in Shredville". (LOL)

Bird toy measures 12" long and 6" wide.

Not only is Shredville a shredding bird toy but it is also a foraging toy as well. You can hide your bird's favorite treats in the Eco Forage Boxes and watch him/her forage for them. These wonderful foraging boxes are completely replaceable.

The Shredville bird toy contains 2" Vine Balls, Small Vine Wreaths, and Rainbow Woven Palm Leaf Shredders....all re-fillable to keep the Shredding Party going on forever. Shredville also contains jumbo pops, 3/4" colorful Plastic Chain and Balsa chews.

Ideal bird toy for Cockatiels, Conures, Quakers, Senegals, Caiques, Meyers Parrots and...all similar sized birds.

Also, this is the ideal bird toy for the "Dainty" African Grey, Amazon, Eclectus and all similar size "Dainty" players.

Product Review

You’re Wonderful, Amazing & Stupendous! The order came yesterday and as usual was everything and more. Jasper sends you lots of kisses.

Sharon M.- Florida

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