Tips for Teaching Your Parrot Tricks

Basketball Playing Severe Macaw named Buddy

Parrots are intelligent creatures who love to learn!! They have active minds and a great memory. If you are interested in teaching your parrot some basic tricks—you’re in for a lot of fun. Trick training is no longer something that is left solely to professional trainers. Anyone can teach their bird a simple trick(s).  Here are a few pointers to help you get started:

1.    Make sure your parrot is comfortable with you

Before beginning a training routine, your bird should be completely tame and comfortable around you. If he/she is skittish, or jumps in fear every time you approach him or her, hold off on the training sessions. Instead, spend time getting to know your bird better….. your bird needs to be completely relaxed in order to learn their new tricks.

2.    Choose a quiet training area

Loud noises and lots of activity will easily distract your parrot. In order to have an effective training session, choose a place that is free from distractions. A quiet room is the best option.

3.    Introduce new tricks often

Parrots are extremely intelligent and catch on quickly. Once your parrot has mastered a particular trick, introduce a new one to prevent boredom. This will help keep things lively. It also helps your parrot remain enthusiastic and engaged with the training process.

4.    Reward your parrot

When your Feathered Friend follows commands or grasps a new concept, reward him. Parrots thrive on positive reinforcement.

Just remember the key to success is consistency, diligence and lots of positive reinforcement. If your bird is a little slow and takes longer than normal to master a trick, don’t be discouraged—work patiently with your bird until he becomes proficient. Then move on to something new. And don’t forget to enjoy the process!!!

Most importantly, whether your feathered friend masters their tricks or not remember that this is a great bonding experience so no matter what…..make your feathered friend feel special!!!

Here is our Severe Macaw “Buddy” doing his first “trick” he learned about 3 years ago.  He still loves to play “Hoops”.  Enjoy!!!


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