Tips to Discourage Mating Behavior in Parrots

African Grey

African Grey Parrot

It seems like every year at this time our feathered friends go into “Mate” mode.  Our African Grey “Jerry” is searching for the darkest closet.  Our Umbrella Cockatoo “Marshmellow” just laid an egg two weeks ago and our DYH Amazon “Kiwi” is in “throw up” mode.  Some of these habits are instinctual and cannot be helped but some of these behaviors can be lessened… are a few tips:

Sleep:  Make sure your feathered friend gets at least 12 hours of restful uninterrupted sleep each night.  Keep their nite time sleep area as dark as possible so that they can get the best nite’s sleep possible.

Don’t Encourage Regurgitation:  If your bird starts to offer you their latest meal….place them back on their perch or back inside their cage.

Remove Nesting Materials:  Remove items in their cage or environment that could possibly be used as nesting material.  Also, any toys that can be climbed up on or mounted should be removed from the cage until their “mating” time is over.

Avoid Stroking:  During this time of increased mating behavior avoid stroking your feathered friend over its entire body.  Pet your parrot only on their head or neck during this time.  Petting your parrot on his/her  head and neck is a good practice even when it is not mating season.

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