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Pepe (Umbrella Cockatoo) - California

Pepe (Umbrella Cockatoo) - California

Hi Ann,

Well Pepe is loving his new Playgym. I have to say the first day we received it I build it right away for him I was so excited for him to use it. The best part was that I was actually able to build it on my own it was super simple.

As for Pepe, it took him a little time to get use to it and was scared of it, but as you can see he's even started chewing on the toys. Now I'm struggling to get him off the playgym, but its ok i'm glad that he's enjoying it and having a little fun.

Thank you once again

Ivette and Pepe (Umbrella Cockatoo) - California

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Product Review

You’re Wonderful, Amazing & Stupendous! The order came yesterday and as usual was everything and more. Jasper sends you lots of kisses.

Sharon M.- Florida

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