Zoe the Amazon Parrot on his New FunTime Birdy Senior Playgym

Meet Zoey the Yellow Naped Amazon as he enjoys some time on his FunTime Birdy Senior Playgym.

Here’s what Zoey’s Dad Jay had to say:

We just wanted you to know that we received Zoey’s playgym and he really likes it (we like to think of Zoey as a male, so we also call him Zoe after the former Heat basketball star, Alonzo Mourning). It is sturdy and just what we wanted for him. At first, he was reluctant to get on it, but now he is very comfortable (see the two attached pictures we sent). He is not a large yellow nape, but his feet and claws do fit around the perch. Yesterday, he sat on it for several hours. Please feel free to post Zoey’s picture on your website (Zoey said it was OK to do this). Thanks again, Jay and Alice O.

FunTime Birdy

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