Videos & Testimonials

Over the years our customers have sent us lots of pictures of their feathered friends enjoying their FunTime Birdy playgyms and bird toys......which inspired our Happy Customer Video.

I love to take video of our birds enjoying themselves playing with their bird toys, doing their birdie tricks and just enjoying themselves on their parrot playgyms. Please enjoy all our FunTime Birdy YouTube videos.



Thanks everyone at Funtime Birdy, Buster is having a blast on his new turf.. yeah, his turf. Thank you Ann Zych for the foot toys, he stands on one of the perch's and holds his purple dinosaur at the same time. He just loves it and so do I. The assembly went great, not a problem there at all. I sat the gym on my bed and now Buster can be with me happily while we watch tv Instead of just poopin at will (and it's not usually on the towel I layed down), now he just sits on his new digs and rules the bed now.

Thank you very much,

Cheryl M. and Buster - Washington

Yellow Nape Amazon

Dealing with Mark and Ann at Fun Time Birdy has been a very enjoyable experience. It was easy to order without any hassle or problems. The product that we ordered arrived much sooner than we had expected, especially with the way things are in the world right now. We were very surprised to find a little something extra inside for our feathered baby. When the order arrived, it had a personalized sticker with our pet's name on it. It's the little things like that, that make this company special. It is obvious why they have so many repeat customers. We will definitely be ordering from them again.

Vicki H and Casey - Canada

Green Wing Macaw

AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE, including hand-written notes on invoices, personal emails asking if my bird (Mariah) was happy with my purchases! Ann packs everything super carefully--so carefully, that it often takes me a few minutes to get the shipping carton open! I've never been disappointed with anything to do with FunTime Birdy.

Peter B. and Mariah - New Jersey

African Grey


More Happy Customers!

Angel and I want to thank you for the wonderful customer service and products.  This is the first time a wooden toy has lasted more than two days.  We are now on his third week and you can tell it is holding up very well. 
I personally appreciate the time you spent with me helping me make decisions on the toys that would work best for him.  This was my first order and you can be sure I will be a repeat customer. 
The order came well packed and as advertised.  I have enclosed a picture of my 35 year old Angel.
Best regards, Virginia and of of course  Angel too.

Virginia and Angel - California

Umbrella Cockatoo

Hi There,

I just wanted to thank you for the bonus item included in my package. I received the items today and very much appreciate all the care you put into your packages; it lights up my day seeing the cute image of the cockatiel and my birds' names!

I can't wait to give them their new toys and will send over photos.

Thank you for all the joy you bring to birds (and their owners!)

Bethany - Connecticut


Hi Ann,

First, I have to say WOW to the care in packing and presentation of the Sophomore playgym. It was so nice to see the love by just only opening the box. Then when I moved on to the putting together portion it was just as exciting. Rasta watched from the kitchen counter as I put it together. Then came presenting Rasta to his new playgym. He was very curious and with just one grape he was right on investigating😊

Thank you for the samples too. That was also a very nice surprise. This playgym is absolutely wonderful. From the communication with you, to the packaging, to the presentation, to the construction and quality of your workmanship.

Giselle and Rasta - Florida

Green Cheek Conure

Hi Ann,

Your gyms are so well made. I was very impressed with your gyms, toys and customer service! I recently purchased 8 Playgyms from you ranging from you Sophomore size(Cockatiel) to your senior size (Cockatoo) and I must say everyone of my birds loves their plagyms.

My phobic Cockatoo Whippy who usually doesn't do well with new things jumped right on the Senior Playgym and started playing. I was so impressed. Chippy my African Grey loves the tape roll toy on your Junior Playgym. Thanks for making such wonderful products!

Susan and Chippy, Whippy, Blackie, Lucky Bird, George, Baby, Alberta, Paco, and Johnny Handsome - New York

African Grey, Cockatoo, Vasa, Cockatiel, Cherry Headed Conures, Pionuses

Hi Ann,

Your pet-stand is just the best! Over the years, we tried other pet-stands, but they couldn't stand up to an Amazon. This one can. It's where James watches TV every night. It's positioned so if he wants, he can come over to me for a love or he can climb down and play games in my lap with the magazine or book I'm reading.

Thanks Ann for a great product and a terrific newsletter!


Hi Ann

James LOVES his new foot toys! I can't believe I didn't discover them years and years ago. As I mentioned before, James has been with our family for 30 years and never was much for the bigger birdie chew toys so I just quit buying them. But these smaller foot toys are just perfect especially the wood ones.

Thank you so much for thinking to send those earlier samples. What a lot of fun you created for our little green buddy!

Donna and James - Florida

60 Year old Amazon

Hi Ann,

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your newsletter. I forward them to my friends and they love it too.

I ordered a play gym from you a while back and my bird still loves it. I would always tell people about you and what great stuff you have.

Thanks again,

Diane and Schneally - Pennsylvania

Hi Ann

Had I known all this stuff was going to be so great I would have ordered double of everything!!!!

I am pleased with everything!!!!

I was worried about the cost of toys when my husband got the bird for me before he went to Iraq, and I have ordered from other places not to get even close to what your company provided.

Thank You So Much!!!

Renee & Cosmo!!!! - Texas


Hi Ann,

Thank you for adjusting my shipping charge. Not many vendors would do that.

The Birdy Playgym arrived and I must say not only is it super easy to assemble, but it is so cute!

My baby Parrotlet arrived by plane late yesterday afternoon and I cannot wait until I have him trained enough to introduce him to the gym.

I have referred the breeder of my bird and my avian vet to your site all of us agree that we have never seen bird gyms quite like yours before. Not only are they unique, come with toys, but they are quite affordable too! I of course have the Freshman Playgym and I love the fact that I will be able to take it from room to room with me or traveling if I want.

I show dogs so I deal with vendors over the internet and in person and I just can't believe what personal service you deliver. It's rare to find that any more, and I cannot say how much that means to me as a customer. Thank you!

Well anyway I just wanted to let you know that I'm pretty sure Levi will love the gym and I will send you photos once he learns how to use it.


Sandy and Levi - Texas


Hi Ann,

You are always a pleasure to work with. You are very concerned about getting the right product for my particular bird.

You sometimes make me feel as if I am your only customer. You always keep me informed if there will be delays. All four of my birds are absolutely crazy about your products. The bright colors and the materials used are very much appreciated and enjoyed.

I always feel I have gotten my moneys worth!


My little Amazon Roz is absolutely nuts for her Merry-Go Round of Fun. She gets so caught up in chewing and hanging on it she forgets herself and falls off!

Thanks for such wonderful toys!!

Deb and Tater, Max, Roz and Skippy - Nebraska

2 African Greys, Amazon and Green Cheek Conure
Hi Ann,

We cannot thank you and Mark enough for all of your help. Big business could learn huge lessons from the customer service you offer. To say you went above and beyond minimizes the appreciation we have for all that you did to ensure that we had our cage quickly. I had hoped it would arrive within a week but you got it to us within 48 hours of our ordering it!

We were stunned when our baby's delivery date was bumped up. Your excellent communication and follow up relieved our anxiety. Thank you so much!

I had been a bit worried about putting the cage together but was delighted with how easy it was! We saved (literally) the same amount as the cage costs locally by purchasing through you. After our cage arrived, I did find a twin to ours in a pet supply store in town ... for exactly twice the price!

Thank you again for your huge part in giving Kiwi an easy transition to her new home. Yep, I thought you would approve of her name!

We have already referred two friends to you.

Thank you again for everything!

Lorie, Sam, and Kiwi - New York

Meyers Parrot
Hi Ann,

I've got to tell you . . . Sonny absolutely LOVES your toys. As he is just a baby and babies don't usually get too involved with toys, your toys are the exception to the rule. He really plays with them.

Thank you very much and I will send you a photo.

Ruth, Sonny and Mango - Missouri

Cockatoo and Caique
Hi Ann,

Thank you so much for following up to see how Tomo likes his new play gym!

Tomo loves it! Tomo was so excited when the new play gym arrived. He really enjoys playing on the chain and hanging upside down to play with the creative and colorful toys.

Tomo also enjoys flying from his food bowl to his water bowl then to the toys.

At the end of the day, Tomo is tuckered out from all of the fun he has had all day. We also like the stand for the play gym. It is great that we can roll the play gym on its stand to any room in the house so that Tomo can be with us wherever we are. Thank you for constructing such a wonderful gym, toys, and stand!

I will send you pictures of Tomo on his play gym soon!

Tara and Tomo - California


I really wanted to take a moment and thank you for a job well done.

As a first time customer, I can't tell you how impressed I was with your company. The packaging, the speed in which my order was delivered, the quality of the product and even the little surprises inside were all just amazing.

I felt like a kid on Christmas morning! Butchy, Baby Lilah and Mr. Pugsley love their new toys too!

From all of us, thanks so much.

Michele, Butchy, Baby Lilah and Mr. Pugsley - Florida

Conure, Eclectus and Cockatoo