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We have had over 50 years of experience with birds. We currently live with a flock of 4 wonderful birds.


Idea & Concept

We thought there must be a better setup than overpriced playgyms with birds perched on top pooping on their toys.



When our parakeet, Olive, became ill and the vet said she wouldn't make it, we promised to build her a custom playgym if she pulled through.



We handcraft playgyms that allow birds to play with toys at eye level. We test our products with our own flock.

Why do we handcraft bird toys and parrot playgyms?

Throughout the years, we have purchased many overpriced playgyms and toys. While watching our birds out on their playgyms, we noticed that many times they were not playing with their toys. If they did play with their toys, it was only for few seconds because the toys were located below them. This made it difficult for them to play with their toys for long periods of time. We also noticed that our birds always climbed to the top perch of their playgym and sat there and pooped on all their toys. We thought there must be a better way.

We designed our first playgym for our Parakeet, Olive. About 16 years ago, she had became seriously ill. The vet said she wouldn't make it. I promised her if she pulled through, we would build her a playgym. We knew she would love the idea of having her own playgym because she is always playing with her toys in her home (cage). We also came to the realization if her toys were at eye level while she was out on her playgym, she would play all day and all night. That is how we came up with the idea of the Toy Bar and Toy Bar Stand.

The Toy Bar is made so it is not conducive to your bird being able to perch on it comfortably. Therefore, it forces your bird to stand on the Toy Bar Stand. This allows your bird to have toys that are hanging directly at eye level to him or her.

We tested this concept not only on our parakeet but on all the birds we own. In each case, we noticed that all our birds were happily playing with their toys while standing on the Toy Bar Stand.

All playgyms and toys are personally handcrafted by us. We use only the safest materials because we treat every playgym and toy as if it were going to be used by our own birds.

Ann & Mark

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