Birdie Short Bite Bagel for Birds 1.5″ Tube (6 Pack)

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“New York Style” Bagels for Birds

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Give your bird a taste of “New York” with these Short Bite Birdie Bagel Tubes.

Birds love to chew and tear apart these great non-toxic Short Bite birdie bagel tubes which are perfect for the small chewer in your flock.

You can use these really cute birdie bagel tubes as a foot toy or add them to your birds favorite bird toys. Also, you can add a special treat inside and see your feathered friend spend hours foraging through the Birdie Bite tube to find their special reward.

Our smaller birds just love these as a daily Foot Toy treat. It keeps them busy for hours.

Short Bite Birdie Bagel Tubes are 1″ in diameter with a 3/4″ center hole and 1.5″ in length

Set of 6 Short Bite Birdie Bagel Tubes

Ideal for Cockatiels, Conures, Senegals, Caiques, Amazons, African Greys, Eclectus’, Cockatoos and Macaws and all similar sized birds

4 reviews for Birdie Short Bite Bagel for Birds 1.5″ Tube (6 Pack)

  1. Darlene F. (verified owner)

    I use several sizes of these bagels for my macaw to hide treats in. I couldn’t be without them. Thank you.

  2. Ron F. (verified owner)

    This product is great. I fill with treats for my Macaw. I always keep a good stash for making these a fun and nutritious treat for my bird.

  3. Darlene F. (verified owner)

    I purchase these a few times a year for my Blue and Gold Macaw, Simon. He loves them. I put a small piece a nut in a coin wrapper, twist both ends and slide it through the tubes to make a foraging toy(s) that are placed all around his cage. All sizes of these tubes work well and they are fabulous. You can get more creative by adding some of your birds other favorite treats in these tubes for him to forage.
    A great product from FunTime Birdy!

  4. Yoda’s M. (verified owner)

    My African Grey loves these! And FunTime Birdy (FTB) customer service is the best!

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