Extra Large Natural Hardwood Perch for Cockatoos and Macaws 15 Inch

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Natural Wooden Bird Perch

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This natural hardwood bird perch is a must have for all size birds. All domesticated birds need a variety of perches in their cage in order to promote healthy feet and leg muscles.

In the wild, birds have many different tree branches that they can perch on in order to stimulate their muscles. Our domesticated birds need the same option in their homes(cages).

I always find my Cockatoo Marshmellow taking an afternoon nap on her hardwood perch…’s her favorite!!!!

Hardwood bird perch measures 15 inch L – 2 inch diameter and is made from Dragon wood also known as Ribbon wood.

Ideal hardwood bird perch for Umbrella Cockatoos, Moluccan Cockatoos, Blue and Gold Macaws, Green Wing Macaws, Scarlet Macaws, Hyacinth Macaws and…all similar sized birds

3 reviews for Extra Large Natural Hardwood Perch for Cockatoos and Macaws 15 Inch

  1. Ray (verified owner)

    Great perch for a good price my Cockatoo loves it.

  2. Julie (verified owner)

    These perches work out nicely for my Green winged macaw. It’s a bit smaller in diameter than the other perches I have which is what I wanted in order to have some variety in her perches and less chance for pressure sores. I’m also going to use one of the perches and mount on a tripod camera stand so that I can have a portable stand/perch and also put it in the shower.

  3. Sunday B. (verified owner)

    I had a hard time finding the right size perches for my Blue eyed Triton Cockatoo until I found your site! Thank you so much!

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