Jurassic FunPack Bird Toy Parts

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The Jurassic age is back….for your Feathered Friends that is.

Your birds will love all the wood and plastic bird toy parts in this fun package but what your birds will love even more are the one of a kind bird toy creations made with love by Mom and Dad.

The Jurassic FunPack includes 5 Medium wood slices with a 5/16″ drilled hole, 5 Wood Chunkies with a 1/2″ drilled hole, 6 Jurassic Characters with 5/16″ drilled hole, 4 Jurassic Characters with 1/2″ drilled hole and 6 Feet of Superior Poly Rope.

Jurassic FunPack Bird Toy parts are ideal for African Greys, Amazon Parrots, Cockatoos, Macaws and all similar size birds.

3 reviews for Jurassic FunPack Bird Toy Parts

  1. Mary K. (verified owner)

    I love to get these and make special toys for my feathered sons! They love to chew, play and throw them around.

  2. Chiyome (verified owner)

    HA!! The mighty T-Rex has nothing on this Grey girl!! I can fling them (teaching mom and dad to fetch is so much fun!!), bite them, chew them up… they are fun as part of bigger toys, or just on their own. RAWR!!!

  3. Jacque L. (verified owner)

    My Umbrella Cockatoo now has toys all over the place. When she is sitting on her perch in my office, I’ve made her toys to hang from her stand and also have some just lying around for her to chew and make her usual mess 🙂 She loves it and so do I!

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