Parrot’s Treasure Foraging Bird Toy

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Can your Bird Find the Hidden Treasure?

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For the more advanced forager.

Turn and pull keys to unlock. Place your birdies favorite treats inside and rotate keys back to lock the chest.

When your bird unlocks the keys the bottom will drop down to reveal your birdies treats!

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Idea for Amazon sized birds to Macaw sized birds.

3 reviews for Parrot’s Treasure Foraging Bird Toy

  1. new m. (verified owner)

    My bird loves trying to figure out how to open this treasure chest.

  2. Monica (verified owner)

    Emily, our African Grey is really enjoying this forging bird toy….She watches me place her favorite treats. Thanks!

  3. Picabo (verified owner)

    It took me about a day to figure this out but it is a lot of fun. I can see what goodie mom puts inside and decide if i want to work for it or let it sit for awhile. You know i go for the almonds right away! Hehehe! And i haven’t broken it yet either!

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