Small Pedicure Nail Trimming Perch for Cockatiels 5″

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Cement Perch for Birds

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This colorful pedicure perch will naturally trim your birds nails and help keep them trimmed.

I have been using these wonderful mani/pedi perches for years with all my flock from my Parakeet to my Cockatoo. I have noticed that I have been able to cut down the amount of times per year that I have to bring my birds for a mani/pedi.

  • Veterinarian designed and approved
  • Variable size promotes healthier feet and leg muscles
  • Provides safe, secure non-slip footing
  • Maintains constant comfortable temperature
  • Indestructible for birds

Pedicure bird perch measures 5″ L – 7/8″ diameter

Ideal conditioning bird perch for Cockatiels, Conures, Quakers, Senegals, Caiques, Meyers Parrots and…all similar sized birds

1 review for Small Pedicure Nail Trimming Perch for Cockatiels 5″

  1. Bethany S. (verified owner)

    Both of my cockatiels seem to be enjoying this perch, as I placed it conveniently between their two cages as a connector. I’m hoping it will trim down my female’s nails and (to some extent) keep me from having to clip them!

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