Superior Poly Rope

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The unique twist of this Superior Poly Rope prevents unsafe lengths of fray. Also, polyethylene fibers do not have a “memory” like other rope; this prevents entrapment and limb strangulation caused by fibers such as nylon.

Choice of two colors Yellow or Orange.

Superior Poly Rope is sold in 12 foot lengths

Superior Poly Rope is an ideal bird toy stringing rope for Parakeets, Lovebirds, Parrotlets, Cockatiels, Conures, Quakers, Senegals, African Grey Parrots, Amazon Parrots, and all similar size birds. Can be used for Cockatoos and Macaws….Our Cockatoo Marshmellow just loves to chew on the Poly rope.

1 review for Superior Poly Rope

  1. Linda (verified owner)

    I am having so much fun making bird toys for my blue front amazon and learning more what she really likes by doing this.

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