Why Interaction is so Important for Parrots

It is important to know that Parrots are very social creatures and they need stimulation to thrive and be happy. If you are a new parrot owner or a parrot owner for a long time….parrots are like children in a feathered suit. They need to be stimulated via bird toys, trick training toys and their human companions.

A great way to interact with your parrot is to have them out on their parrot playgym during dinner time with the family. Parrots love to see interaction with other family members. Eat healthy items like fresh vegetables in front of your parrot….since they are flock animals they will do as the flock does.

Another great way to interact with your parrot is to mimic your bird’s flock call back to them. My husband loves to whistle the “come here” whistle to our African Grey Jerry when we walk in the door when we have been out for a couple of hours. To our amazement…Jerry loves to know we are home and does the whistle back to him when we walk in. Almost Jerry is saying….I acknowledge you are home and I am glad.

We started doing tricks with our birds many years ago. This is a great way for your parrot to feel stimulated mentally and physically. Our Severe Macaw Buddy loves to play basketball with his Mango Basketball Hoop. He knows each and every time that he makes a basket…he receives a treat. Here is a video we made many years ago of Buddy playing basketball.

Bonding with your bird is great for you the parrot owner and your feathered friend…..both parties will be happier and may help prevent behavior problems down the road.

Ann Zych


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