3 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Bird Perch

Bird Perches

Example of a Nail and Pedicure Bird Perch

Birds spend an exorbitant amount of time on their feet every day. As a result, it is critical that you provide your feathered friend with plenty of comfortable bird perches. However, selecting a bird perch for your parrot takes time and consideration. Simply purchasing the cheapest or the first bird perch you find is a mistake. Selecting the wrong kind of perches can cause your bird to develop sores, arthritis and joint pain. Here are 3 mistakes to avoid when selecting a bird perch for your bird:

1.    Not Considering the Size of Your Bird’s Feet:

Believe it or not, every parrot has a different foot size. Even parrots of the same species vary in foot length. It’s important to remember that every bird, like every person, is unique.  As a result, you cannot go with the “one-size fits all mentality” when selecting a bird perch for your bird. The same holds true when selecting bird toys or bird stands—you need to consider your parrot and his/her needs. As a general rule, your bird’s feet should be able to wrap 75% around the perch. This is ideal and will help your bird achieve maximum comfort. If your bird’s foot appears flat while on a bird perch, it is too large. If his foot wraps all the way around, it is too small.

2.    Not Offering Variety:

I have a simple rule when selecting bird toys for my feathered friends….variety is key when it comes to selecting bird toys. This same principle holds true for bird perches. While there should be one perch for sleeping that is absolutely ideal for your bird, you should also offer other perches for your feathered friend to use. Not all perches should be the same. Rope perches can be fun for parrots. Pedicure perches (cement) can help trim nails. Offering a variety of sizes and textures is critical for helping your birds maintain healthy feet.

3.    Not Providing Enough Perches:

If your bird cage only has a single perch, you need to add some more. The minimum number of perches a bird should have is three. If you have space for more, feel free to include them. However, if your cage is small, limit your collection to three bird perches. Offering multiple perches is important in preventing boredom and keeping your feathered baby’s feet healthy.

I hope my advice helps you in the future when selecting the perfect bird perches for your feathered friend.


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