4 Tips for a Healthy and Happy Parrot Beak

A parrots beak is a fascinating piece of anatomy.  It combines strength and sensitivity all in one package.  A bird’s beak is strong enough to crack a large nut or sensitive enough to peel a grape or dissect a pea.

It is so fascinating to watch a parrot use his beak…..they use it to climb in their bird cages, or on their playgyms, eat their meals with it, play with bird toys with it and even preen themselves to look gorgeous with it.  So with this being said…… a parrot’s beak is crucial for the overall health of your feathered friend.

Here are 4 Tips for a Happy and Healthy Parrot Beak:

1.  Plenty of Bird Toys

Playing with bird toys is a great way for your feathered friend to keep his beak in tip top shape.  Different types of bird toys that are made out of wood, plastic or shreddable bird parts will keep your bird’s beak in optimal health.

2.  Nutritional Health

A great diet for your parrot that combines a pelleted diet with fruits and vegetables is the cornerstone for a healthy parrot body but even more a healthy beak.  Bird Pellets like Harrison’s Pellets are a great way to provide a harder texture food item in your feathered friends diet. Harrison's Pelleted Bird Diet

3.  Full Spectrum Lighting or Natural Sunlight

Full Spectrum Lighting or  natural sunlight is necessary for your bird to synthesize Vitamin D which regulates Calcium and Phosphorus levels in their bodies.  Our birds just love their Featherbrite Full Spectrum lighting which enables them to have that necessary sunlight each day.

4.  Perches made from Minerals or Rough Texture Perches

Our birds just love their Tooty Fruity edible bird perches.  These perches are a fun way for your Feathered Friend to add calcium and bee pollen to their  diet.  Also, Pedicure and Nail trimming perches are the perfect place for your bird to scrape off that leftover food from their beak and helps to keep their beak trim.


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