7 Bird Care Tips

Bird Care Tips

Bird Care Tips

Here are a few tips for providing superior care to your feathered friends:

1.    Seeds and nuts should make up no more than 10% of your bird’s diet and can be used as treats. It is very important to start your bird on a Pelleted diet as soon as possible.  Fruits, veggies and leafy greens should be given twice a day.  Our gang receives fresh fruit in the morning and at night they receive fresh veggies.  We try and switch the order around so it never gets boring.  Some of our guys like the veggies…..some don’t but over time they dig their beaks into their bowl.

2.    Avoid salty snacks. Crackers and other processed foods should never be given to your parrot. Too much sodium can be toxic to parrots. Even though it may be tempting to hand your bird a cracker as he/she is sitting on his bird stand……don’t give in. Offer him/her an apple slice or a grape instead.

3.    Provide your parrot with plenty of bird toys. Invest in shreddable bird toys, educational bird toys, foot toys and other type of play items you can think of for your feathered friend to enjoy.

4.    Never leave your parrot unattended on his parrot playgyms . Always keep a close eye on your feathered friend when he/she is outside of his cage. He/she could get into mischief.  Marshmellow our Umbrella Cockatoo always has a knack of finding the phone cord and chewing it to bits….thank god for cord less phones.  (LOL)

5.    Keep strong fumes away from your bird. Scented candles, hairspray, non-stick cookware and nail polish remover are very toxic to birds.  We have heard so many horror stories from bird owners not knowing this tip.

6.    Provide your bird with fresh water daily. Clean, fresh water that is free from food particles and droppings is essential for maintaining your parrot’s health.

7.     Invest in a large parrot cage. Your bird needs ample space to move around and play with his bird toys. So invest in the largest cage you can afford—remember this is an investment in your bird’s happiness.

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