8 Reasons Full Spectrum Lighting is Beneficial for your Parrot

Fbrite1Full Spectrum Lighting by Featherbrite has been part of our birds lives for over 10 years now.  We have our Featherbrite Swag Lights on a timer so each and everyday our feathered friends enjoy the benefits of Full Spectrum Lighting.

Full Spectum Lighting is light that covers all wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum, from infrared to ultraviolet.  Full-spectrum lighting mimics sunlight and can be used in place of sunlight during the winter months or periods of low light.  Different parrot species have different lighting time requirements.  For example; smaller birds like Parakeets and Lovebirds require less time under their lights then larger birds like Cockatoos and Macaws.

Here are 8 reasons Full Spectrum Lighting is great for your Parrots:

1.  Prepares birds for seasonal changes

2.  Strengthens their immune system

3.  Lowers obsessive/compulsive behaviors

4.  Relieves psychological stress

5.  Mimics a birds natural environment

6.  Helps in the natural synthesis of Vitamin D precursors allowing your parrot to naturally regulate calcium uptake.

7.  Aids a birds visual acuity

8.  Increases the longevity of your feathered friend

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