Avian Stress

jerry3There are a lot of factors than can cause stress during a bird’s lifetime. Whether you own a cute budgie or maybe an African Grey, limiting stress for your pet parrot is very essential for their health and well being.

Stressors are found everywhere and can happen in different forms. It can either be mental or physical; and can be mild or severe. As your feathered friend’s living companion, it is essential for you to identify these stressors and provide your parrot an environment that it can easily thrive in, both mentally and physically. Do not miss on monitoring your parrot’s stress levels and adjusting as needed in order to keep your feathered friend happy and healthy.

The points listed below will help you recognize common signs of a stressed bird, and offer advice as to how you can keep your feathered friend calm, confident, and content in his or her home.

Here are some of the most identified signs that your parrot maybe experiencing stress.
1.    Exhibition of stress bars found in feathers
2.    Poor Appetite
3.    Fearful behavior
4.    Aggression
5.    Screaming
6.    Trembling
7.    Self mutilation or feather picking
8.    Inactivity
9.    Changes in droppings
10.  Frozen posture

You can help free your feathered friend from undue stress while living with your families with the following actions:
1.    Provide a varied and nutritious diet with access to clean water and food all throughout the day.
2.    Provide opportunities of exercise with interesting bird toys.
3.    Keep predictable routines on feeding, bathing and other activities you do with your parrot.
4.    Never punish your feathered friend or intimidate them in any way.
5.    Have their cage in a suitable location and provide a sleeping cage in a silent room where your parrot can get a restful sleep.
6.    Allow exposure to fresh air and sunlight.
7.    Purchase a nail trimming bird perch to avoid frequent trimming of nails. These are not a full replacement for nail trimming but will help cut down the frequency of visits to have your Feathered Friends nails done.
8.    Play soothing music for your parrot.
9.    Play and laugh with your parrot.
10.  Note the things that scare your feathered friend like the noises and movements and minimize it.

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