Bathing your Pet Bird

Bathing Your Parrot

Bathing your Parrot

Some of our birds just love to receive their baths while others will run for the hills.  Every species of  parrot is different.  Our Umbrella Cockatoo Marshmellow loves to have a full bath twice a day.  Our Severe Macaw Buddy lets me know when he wants his bath by dipping his feet in his water bowl and screaming.  He just loves to spread his wings and flap while I spray him.  Our other flock members enjoy a nice misting only once a day.   Bathing is a natural act for your bird in the wild.  Birds in the wild just love to frolic in a puddle after a rainstorm.

Here is an article on Bathing your Parrot from Bird Channel .

Bathing your Pet Parrot from Bird Channel
How often does your bird like to take a bath?  I would love to hear your comments.

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