Bird Species-Specific Diet Needs

Species Specific Parrot Diets

Species Specific Parrot Diets

As the owner of a Double Yellow Headed Amazon and 4 other birds, it easy to see that my Amazon “Kiwi’s” diet needs are far different than all my other birds.

“Kiwi” just loves to eat.  No matter what I put in his bowl, he loves to chow down every last drop.  As I learned when he was young, Double Yellow Headed Amazons are prone to fatty liver disease so their diet needs have to be strictly reinforced.  Each morning and night feeding “Kiwi” gets considerable less food than all the other birds.   He also receives less “Pellets” each night than all the other birds.

Susan Chamberlain of BirdTalk magazine wrote an interesting article on the diet needs of specific bird species.

Bird Species and Specific Diet Needs article

Ann Zych
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