Chyomie the African Grey's Before and After Bird Toy

A few weeks ago I posted an article I wrote regarding how to Teach your Bird to Play with Bird toys….One of our customers tried the advice and here is what she had to say:  FunTime Birdy – 4 Tier Layer Cake

Hi Ann,

Just wanted to thank you for that wonderful article you posted recently on teaching a parrot to play with toys (who knew parrots needed to be taught to play?!?). Since I haven’t had much luck getting Chiyome interested in toys, I decided to try using my “beak” to play with her 4 Tier Layer Cake toy over the weekend. I hung it by her favorite perch when I was done, and look what I found when I got home from work today…she’s been playing with her toy!!!

Diana S. and Chiyome


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