Clicker Training for your Parrot

Buddy and hoopEvery bird-lover wants to teach some tricks to their bird. Training your bird with positive reinforcement techniques helps to make his or her life better. It helps to build a beautiful relationship with your bird. Hence, it is important to teach some tricks to your birds. More so, your bird also loves being praised and wants to be loved.

In most cases, often people are skeptical about the methods used for training birds. Most people give up too soon when training becomes monotonous and gradually their motivation dies.

For all the bird enthusiasts who want to teach some fun tricks to their birds, the rule-of-thumb is to have a lots of patience. Remember when we were small, it took sometime for our parents to teach us words and then we gradually grasped our language. As a bird-owner, you must handle your feathery friend like a parent and teach him/her with patience.

Clicker training is one of the most widely used methods adopted by bird-enthusiasts in teaching fun tricks to birds. It basically involves the use of a clicker to train your bird.

Let us take a look at how it is done and how it helps your bird to learn fun tricks:

1) First things first: In order to start any training method, you will need some training supplies. For clicker training, you are going to need some ‘clickers’ which come in different shapes and sizes. Clickers can be bought from pet stores easily and are not very expensive. Make sure that the clicker you choose is comfortable in handling and clicks easily without putting extra pressure on your thumb.  For the next step you will need tasty treats for your feathered companion. Treats are used to reward birds when they do things in the right manner.  Bird Treats should be healthy and should be given in small portions. You can divide the store bought treats in small bites. The next step involves introducing the clicker to your bird.clicker

2) Conditioning your bird to recognize the clicker in a positive way:  To achieve this, it is important to spend some time in conditioning your bird to respond to the clicker sound. Once your bird responds to the sound of clicker, the next process will be easy and full of fun! Follow these steps and repeat:

  • Click the clicker
  • Give your bird a treat

By doing this, gradually your bird will start associating the sound of clicker with the treat…..and this is what you want! Once you notice that the bird is eying for a treat when the clicker sounds, you will know that your feathery friend has developed an association with the clicker.  Once the association has formed, you can teach virtually anything to your bird. Remember follow the steps with lots of treats and praise!  Happy training!

Ann Zych – FunTime Birdy


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