Cockatiels Love their new Shreddable Bird Toys

Meet Bella, Baby and Sunny enjoying their new shreddable bird toys…..Here’s what their Mom Karolyne had to say:

My feathered babies received their wonderful fun toys yesterday 12/03/2014! Very fast shipping!! Bella, Baby, and Sunny love them!! They have been playing, shredding, climbing on them!! Baby, Bella, and Sunny are definitely enjoying their new fun toys! This was my first time ordering bird toys online, and your website has a nice wide selection of toys! My cockatiels and I are truly satisfied! Thank you so much! I will be ordering from you again! I have attached a photo with all of my 3 feathered babies next to their toys. They were kinda terrified when I had the camera all up in their faces, so they just posed, I couldn’t catch a photo with them playing with the toys hahaha. But they really love their toys, I’m listening to them playing right now! Thanks again!!!

Karolyne and my 3 feathered babies Bella, Baby, & Sunny


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