Cockatoos Cause Blackout

_68918610_galahs4bbc(2)The galahs have been “annoying the township for up to two months”

Thousands of birds have flocked to a town in Australia, causing power cuts and a mess, its mayor says.  Around 2,000 pink galahs and white cockatoos have descended on Boulia, Queensland, as a result of the drought, Mayor Rick Britton said.  They have been perching on power lines, causing outages when they take off, he said.  The birds may not leave until November when rain is due, he said, so “people are going to have to live with it”.

Galahs are a type of pink-breasted cockatoo found in Australia.
Several shires in Queensland are suffering from drought due to low rainfall. Boulia is in the far west of the state.  “Because we’re in dry arid land we try to make our streets beautiful with lawns and trees – so the birds think that it’s a little secret haven in the drought,” Mr Britton told the BBC.

There were around 2,000 birds in the town, he added.

I think they are such a beautiful site to see much like the Quakers are here in the USA.

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